If you have staff who are routinely working with chemicals and solvents, Biological Monitoring is and must be an essential part of your Occupational Health Screening programme. 

There are many hazardous substances which can affect the wellbeing of an employee’s kidney, liver and heart, so regular testing to monitor Blood Levels, Lung Function Assessments or even visual checks for signs of skin irritation or reactions are essential and will help identify if an individuals health is being affected by these workplace hazards. 

OK Health has a number of existing clients who regularly work with chemicals and solvents. If you have staff dealing with Hazardous substances we can assist in providing advice on what testing is recommended for your team – Contact us to obtain more information on this.

Also, if you have staff who are working in high risk areas for exposure to infection, baseline testing for Immunity to certain diseases will be an important element of your health screening programme – particularly in regards to Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. 

Ok Health can offer advice and assist you in regards to the relevance of what Health Screening or Health Assessments are required for your team.