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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update_May2020

Covid-19 Update - May 2020

One month in and we could all agree that New Zealanders have done an amazing job of working together to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 to our health, our communities and our country.

Here at OK Health (Habit Group), we have continued to work through the lockdown supporting our clients by providing essential services, and we are proud of the commitment and compassion shown by our staff over this difficult time.

As we have moved into Alert Level 3, we’d like to clarify what we’re continuing to do in our workplace health centres to ensure the health and safety of both your staff and ours.

At Habit Group we take health and well-being very seriously and are following Ministry of Health guidelines, taking all reasonable precautions to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. We continue to monitor the situation with MOH daily and will update our response as required. 

Over the last month, we have been fielding a lot of questions about Covid-19 – the three questions which consistently come up are:

Under what circumstances should I not attend my appointment?

As per Ministry of Health guidelines, please do not attend an appointment if:

  • You have recently returned from overseas (within the last 14 days)
  • You have a temperature, sore throat, or any cold/flu type symptoms 

However, if you are healthy and well, come on in.

Will I be put at risk by coming into one of your clinics?

In most of our locations, we are not situated in a medical centre where there is a reception area full of sick people. We are lucky enough to spend our days working with well people, so there is no additional risk to you in visiting our clinics.

We have also put additional safety mechanisms in place to ensure your safety including:

  • Moving to telehealth for some of our assessments to decrease the need for face-to-face time.
  • Introducing screening questions at the booking stage to ensure that people who are unwell do not come into our clinics.
  • Ensuring that two-metre social distancing is maintained.
  • Increasing our cleaning schedules for our clinics.
  • Ensuring that our staff have adequate PPE as per the Ministry of Health recommendations.
  • Providing mobile flu vaccination and drive-through clinics.
  • Ensuring that hand sanitiser is consistently available and utilised by everyone coming into our clinics.

Will the influenza vaccination protect me against Covid-19?

No, but it is highly recommended that you have your flu vaccination this year. While there is currently no vaccine for Covid-19, you are wise to protect yourself against as many other illnesses which may compromise your immune system as possible.

Staying safe and well

At every Alert Level you should take measures to stay safe and well.

  • Regularly disinfect surfaces.
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you have flu-like symptoms – call your GP or Healthline.
  • Continue to seek primary medical care.
  • If you are in the high risk group stay home wherever possible.

Keep a level head

We know that all the news and information, guidelines and requirements can get overwhelming, and we want to remind everyone to stay calm. So long as we remain sensible and follow the recommended guidelines, we will all get through this together.

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