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COVID-19 Update - 12 August 2020

The government has announced that Auckland will go into Level 3 and the rest of the country will go into Level 2. It comes after four cases of community transmission from the same family were confirmed - after 102 days without any. As of noon tomorrow, Auckland will move to level 3 for three days until midnight on Friday. As more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to keep you informed. For now, we ask that you stay home and stay safe. Our occupationan health and rehab teams will be available to provide online consultations, should you need their assistance. Click here to get in touch.

How this impacts our services

Auckland (Alert Level 3)
-          All health monitoring will be postponed.
-          No spirometry or alcohol breathalyser testing will be conducted.
-          Pre-employment testing will continue for essential services candidates with additional safety precautions in place.
-          Additional safety precautions will include the increased use of PPE, social distancing, and utilising telehealth where possible.

Rest of the country (Alert Level 2)
-          All services will continue with increased vigilance around PPE, social distancing and hand hygiene.
-          No spirometry or alcohol breathalyser testing will be conducted.

Working Safely from Home
With many again working from home, it's important that we look after ourselves and our employees by managing the health risks associated with increasing hours spent sitting, looking at a computer screen. Learn more about ergonomic workstation assessments for staff working from home.

We're still here to help, from a distance.
Ergonomic assessments, pre-employment questionnaires, return to work clearances and virtual nurse consultations are just some of the services that can be provided via telehealth. Your team can connect with our healthcare professionals by phone or computer from anywhere. Learn more about services offered via telehealth.