Telehealth Services

Connect with Our Clinicians and Nurses Anywhere Your Staff Are

Ergonomic assessments, pre-employment questionnaires, return to work clearances and virtual nurse consultations are just some of the services that can be provided via telehealth. Your team can connect with our healthcare professionals by phone or computer from anywhere. Ideal when your staff can't get to a clinic and it can also save time by avoiding disruption to their day.

Pre-employment Assessments

While many roles require a physical assessment with a nurse to ensure the candidate will be safe in the role, there are some situations where a telehealth questionnaire will be sufficient, especially for administration or low risk roles.  We have a series of questionnaires which are aimed at different roles which the candidate can complete with the nurse over the phone or videoconference.  We will identify any potential issues and recommend further assessment if required.  A report will be issued following the assessment.

Virtual Nurse Consultations

For many companies we complete “site visits” where a nurse goes on site on a regular basis to complete personal health consultations. Over the lockdown period we have continued this service virtually and it has been extremely well received by employees needing assistance with personal health issues, ergonomics and stress management.  Nurses are available for a set time period and employees can book an appointment with them. Companies are provided with a report for any work-related issues, and for personal consultations, they are provided with an indication of the uptake of the service but not any personal details – very similar to the EAP process.

Ergonomic Workstation set up

For staff working from home, it’s especially important to ensure that their workstations are set up to promote optimal ergonomics to reduce fatigue and avoid injury. We can currently offer a guided setup via telehealth (video or phone) by our nurses and occupational therapists.

Most homes are not going to be set up as ideal work environments, and many employees may face unique challenges to working safely and healthily. A workstation assessment by one of our trained staff and some key adjustments can go a long way in supporting your staff, preventing further stress, worry and unnecessary injury.

We can offer this service via video conferencing (telehealth). We are very experienced with using technology to provide services to people in remote areas. You can feel confident that you are receiving a high-quality assessment. Ultimately, our team aims to make the best of the environment available and address ways to minimise the risk of injury and strain as much as possible.

Covd-19 return to work clearance

Keeping your workforce safe and healthy has never been more important than in the current environment.  Ensuring your team are protected against Covid-19 requires a range of actions on your behalf which are all well documented, but how are you ensuring that your team are not bringing illness to work with them? We have a Covid-19 specific questionnaire which we will go through with your employees one-on-one via telehealth, to determine risk before they return to work following illness or prolonged absence from work

We are recommending this option for any employee who has been away from work with:

  • respiratory-like illness;
  • any symptoms which have necessitated a Covid 19 test;
  • a prolonged holiday or period away from work.

A report will be issued to the relevant manager following the assessment.